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PALESTINE emergency appeal

Palestine experienced the worst outbreak of violence, bombardments, and attacks in decades. Thousands have already been killed, and millions of Gazans forced to leave everything behind.

Since 7th October 2023, Gaza has faced unprecedented violence and attacks, leading to the death of over 35,000 people, half of whom are babies and children. Over 1 million people have been displaced from their homes, and are living in tents and with flimsy, temporary shelters. Thousands of people are still trapped under the rubble of their homes and buildings, potentially increasing the death toll even more.

There is a severe shortage of food, clean water and fuel. Hospitals and schools have been attacked, leaving people without adequate healthcare or medicines. Increased rainfall during winter is putting millions at even greater risk, as disease spreads among the densely populated areas of the Gaza strip.

Alhamdulillah, Al Mustafa USA has been working in Palestine since 2014, and during this recent war, have been able to provide vital aid to the people of Gaza. We work closely with the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization, which enables us to get aid directly to those in Gaza.

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Will provide cooked, warm and nutritious meals for vulnerable and impoverished people

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Will provide nutritious long-lasting food items such as ready-to-eat-meals, canned meat, fruit, vegetables & soups as well as powdered milk, baby food, salt, sugar and water. This pack will last one family for an entire month.

Could provide


Provide a safe clean water for families in Gaza who are in need .

Could provide


Includes blankets, warm clothing, mattresses, sleeping bags, hygrine kits

Could provide

Critical medical supplies

Provide essential medical supplies such as medicines, wound cleaning solutions, intervenes kits and otoscopes (portable) to hospitals for people of Gaza and Palestine

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Critical Surgical Equipments

Will provide life saving medical equipments such as anaesthesia machine, mobile ventilator and Incubator for major operations and treatments.

Will go towards


Will fund an ambulance in Gaza to transport critically injured patients. $45,000 will fund an entire Ambulance.


The people of Gaza, numbering 2 million, have endured months of continuous attacks and violence, leading to unimaginable suffering.T

ragically, over 10 children in Gaza lose a limb each day. Nearly all hospitals have been targeted and , leaving millions without essential medical care.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is partnering with the Egyptian Red Crescent to equip a new field hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza. Your donations are urgently needed to provide critical surgical equipment such as Oxygen Generation Plants, EO Gas Sterilizer Machines, Doppler Ultrasound devices, surgical tools, and more!

Contribute today to ensure swift delivery of aid to the field hospital in East Khan Younis. Every dollar raised will help us fully equip this facility, serving tens of thousands of Palestinians each month.

MoST Needed this Ramadan : FOOD PACKS and hot MEALS

As the war on Gaza continues for over six months, almost 2 million people face severe hunger, displacement, and a lack of healthcare. People are beginning to die from starvation, so the need for food right now has reached desperate levels.

Our partner teams are on the ground are delivering cooked meals as well as urgent Food Packs into Gaza to feed those in desperate need .

Working with the Egyptian Red Crescent, our teams are cooking nutritious meals in our kitchen in Al Areesh in Egypt and delivering the freshly cooked meals into Gaza every day  - making sure families in Khan Younis, Gaza, have a wholesome meal .

Our teams in Jordan are preparing palettes of Family Food Packs with essential food items in our warehouse in Zarqa through the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organisation. Those then travel to the Kerem Abu Salim crossing, through to Gaza and are then transported further to those in need within Gaza.

Give just $75 Gaza charity to provide 15 meal  and $65 will give a family a food pack with essential food items to last for a whole month.

How are we able to get aid into Gaza?

Despite a robust blockade and restrictions, Al Mustafa USA is working with agencies who have extensive experience and special permission to deliver aid into Gaza through the Rafah border. The Red Crescent have direct access to Gaza, with permission to access the area with trucks. The Royal Hashemite Trust are licensed to use their military planes to fly aid directly to the Rafah border, which will then enter Gaza through trucks.

Through our partnership we will be carrying out large scale distributions in Gaza, delivering vital aid to hospitals & to the people of Gaza. With your donations and support, we will be delivering:

 Priority Medical equipment such as ECG monitors, incubators, ventilators, stretchers, wheelchairs and Anaesthesia machines.
 Containers with mattresses, blankets, food parcels, hygiene kits and clothing
 Medical supplies, including medicines, antiseptics and cleaning solutions

Our #BlessedRoots Campaign for Al-Aqsa & its community

Masjid Al Aqsa is at the heart of every Muslim. It represents a deep-rooted connection and importance to Muslims everywhere.

Join our #BlessedRoots Campaign!

It is the third holiest site for Muslims after the sacred mosques in Makkah and Madinah. The destination and ascension of our Prophet’s (pbuh) Night Journey, Al Isra W’al Miraj. Sadly, since 2014, Masjid Al-Aqsa and the communities entrusted with looking after it have become increasingly vulnerable and at huge risk. As well as increased raids and attacks, these communities are facing increased hardships with the cost of daily living and need your on-going support.

Donate now to help preserve, support and sustain the communities which protect and keep this masjid filled with the daily recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Your donation will help bring thousands of worshippers come together to perform a khatam of the Holy Qur’an in the blessed masjid. Each khatam is offered with a duaa to keep Al-Aqsa safe. Our Waqf will also help support local communities in accessing Zakat funds for their homes, livelihoods and futures.

Help us to keep our blessed roots strong and the communities grow, united and thriving by give as little as £50/month! Join our #BlessedRoots Campaign!



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